So many feels…

First blog post eh? Better make it good.. Oh well maybe next time. I have decided to write for myself. My life has so many ups and downs and criss crosses that I need some sort of release. That is something hard to find when your a single cat lady living in the middle of nowhere. No real purpose behind this, just typing out the random nonsense that goes through my head on a daily basis and hoping that saying it out loud won’t end up putting me in the crazy house.

So I’m assuming the proper way to start this is with a little introduction. Well my name is Jennafer and I was born and raised in a super tiny one stop light southern town. My name really isn’t spelled with an a, I just use that for privacy purposes. Meaning that if my parents tried searching me online they wouldn’t find my totally inappropriate second life. Yes I know that I am a adult and shouldn’t have to keep hiding things from my parents, but I don’t want the guilt of giving my mother a heart attack at the age of 55. I have a decent job, an 120 year old house that is constantly falling to pieces (pretty sure my house represents my life) and a multi color dream car that is def. NOT anyone’s dream car, but is different colors due to my awesome ability to hit things.  I have a beautiful six year old daughter that I am probably going to have to lock in the basement away from the real world if she doesn’t stop growing up so damn fast. She’s pretty much my everything and a little bit more. Not to mention she acts like a mini version of drunk me. Needless to say she’s hilarious. That’s pretty much the basics of me. I will elaborate more as time goes on and problems arise. But for now I should probably get back to this dreaded night shift work.  Stay classy assholes 🙂


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