A hot mess with unrealistic expectations..


I think the title of this post is a pretty accurate description of myself. Don’t you worry, it took many years of fucked up situations to form me into this lovely wreck sitting right in front of you. I was raised as a man fearing submissive and have been brought up in a dominant don’t let no one tell you shit world. It’s a life long contradiction that has left me with my head spinning and my heart played with like a hacky sack. This isn’t a pity party. Just a means of understanding the kind of person I am. A understanding why I coat my entire life in humor to run away from all seriousness. But yet I wonder why no one will take me serious? I’ve never felt good enough. Is this a feeling by fault or have I just never come across the right individual to make me feel like I fully satisfied their wants and needs? I will spend my entire life trying to prove to people that I am good enough when these people are incapable of being satisfied. It’s a never ending cycle of daddy issues and lack of confidence. Am I waiting for someone to fix me? No. Just trying to fight my own demons daily and come out the victor at the end of the day. I try to drown them, but the bastards are great swimmers. I have a better chance of finding someone else’s demons that mine play well with. I carry this oversized heavy ass bag of emotional baggage, but I hide it well. As if it was a tiny piece of lent hidden away in pocket of my worn out jeans.

I may be a unrailed train heading straight towards a cliff, but there is still something beautiful about the way I crash and burn.


Can you not tell I have had my head deep into a book all weekend?. It has got me all caught up in false realities and the fact that I am not living my life to its fullest extent. Also, it’s not a great idea to read dirty romance novels if you’re forever alone. I am about ready to pounce on someone. But the someone I want keeps sending me to voicemail.

Also can we hit on the fact that I was approached by a couple (AGAIN) to come join their pants party. Yes, I mean the party in their pants. They thought I was “hot and looked to be a lot of fun.” I can’t find my own relationship but I keep getting hit on by married couples that want me in theirs. Maybe I should just give in and accept the fact that this is my life destiny.

I’m all over the place today.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Stay Classy, assholes.



4 thoughts on “A hot mess with unrealistic expectations..

      • L O L!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell?! Just right up on Front Street!

        I don’t even know how i’d react. do i be graceful and compliment said wife and say something like “For as gorgeous as your wife is, i’m going to have to politely decline. I got some stuff with some people at a place, you know?” Or just say something like “Whoa! wait! Do i look like cuckholding material or something? WTF?”

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      • hahaha you crack me up. I like the polite turn down. I’ll try that next time this happens but I just totally ignored the question asked. Rolled my eyes and then went back to my obsessive Netflix binge. I sure did seem like threesome material in my sweatpants and half eaten pizza laying in bed with me.

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