Liar, Liar, Pants on fire.

After repeating the same mistakes over and over again, Life has taught me two things that I now live by.

  1. Tell the truth no matter what
  2.  Never expect more. It is what it is.

Lying gets you no where but deeper into a never ending story you’ll waste too much time trying to keep up with. Don’t bullshit me, it will all come out one day anyways. Might as well put it all out there, upfront. People tell me that I tell too much about myself, I need to leave a little mystery. Fuck that. This is me. I’m not going to hide what I do or how I feel. Do you know why people answer questions with IDK? Because they know what they really want to say will hurt your feelings. Hurt my feelings. Do it now before my feelings progress and you hurt me worse down the road. I am a feelings person. I care about every person that has entered and left my life. Even if you did me dirty, I still care. STOP LYING ABOUT DUMB SHIT. We all know it’s a lie, you’re just making yourself look bad. Complete raw honesty is the only way to go. Because that baby is ugly, that dress is not flattering on you, I think you’re cool but I don’t want to date you, why yes I have had more than 6 drinks, and I was here, with this person, doing this thing and I don’t care if it makes you mad.

Never expect more. This is something I have to keep telling myself over and over. I’m the worst for going into every situation with high expectations. Only to get let down, every single time. It feels so much better when you expect less and people prove to you so much more. I’m mainly referring to men in this aspect. I’m the worst for going after emotionally unavailable men and expecting them to want more than friends with benefits. I am kind of numb to it now because it is literally every man I meet these days. It’s cool, hit it and go to bed alone. Love doesn’t exist anymore so why not just go with the crowd and keep my heart frozen in its block of ice. I gave up on finding my happily ever after a long time ago. Just going to go with what feels right in the moment and not get attached. Lets have some fun and not take anything serious. We’re all damaged, soulless assholes anyways.

Plus if I keep hitting the gym like I have, I’m going to be a drop dead gorgeous soulless cunt. 15 lbs down baby.

That’s it for today random rants. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I don’t plan on leaving my bed for like two days. Mama bear needs a drink and a 48 hour nap.

Stay Classy Assholes.





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