That’s funny. I don’t remember buying tickets for a guilt trip.


This is nonsense. I shouldn’t feel guilty because I actually put my foot down and said no. It’s my life and I should be in full control of it. I feel guilty for making people feel anything other than happiness. Years ago I found myself sitting in a ice cold bath, crying and begging God to make it end. I was so hurt and torn down emotionally. When I pulled myself out of that depression, I told myself I would never let anyone I come in contact with ever feel the way I felt. That is why I give everything I have to even the people who don’t deserve it. But there comes a point where I just can’t. What they want from me is something I can’t give them and I have to turn them away. How do you change good nature to protect yourself?  I’m trying.

I’ve learned my lesson. You can’t be nice to everyone. Because they are going to assume you are their girlfriend after a few days and go bat shit crazy when you don’t fuck them or text back fast enough. Glad I curved a crazy before it got too out of hand. My horrible luck in the dating department is starting to make me question if I’m the common denominator of the craziness in all these winners I talk to. I just need to stay away from people, period.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I’ll hop off the pity horse soon enough.

Stay Classy, Assholes.




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