‘If you cant handle the heat, get the fuck out the kitchen.

You can only blame yourself. I am the only reason I smile. The only reason I cry. The only reason I become insecure and run away. No one has done this to me; I have done it to myself. You allow these emotions to take over and run your life.  I don’t get upset with people when they lie to me. They are only hurting themselves, why would I take on their pain for their own self-harm? That is why I don’t get jealous, why I don’t lie, and why I run away when I find myself getting overwhelmed with any sort of feelings.

Have you ever found yourself falling for someone you shouldn’t fall for? They didn’t make you; chances are they told you not to. But here you are with one-sided feelings, a full heart and no future. How could you ever be mad at someone for not feeling the same way as you? So what do you do? If you walk away from all of it, you are only punishing the other person for not having control of your own emotions. That isn’t fair. But being in the person’s bed and smelling their wonderful scent and seeing a smile flash across their face is doing nothing but eating you away from the inside. Take a step back. Refocus. Re-find yourself. Let go of those feelings that are just leading you down a path of heartache.

These blog are always a lesson to me. My mind is writing to my heart and trying so hard to make it understand. I’m stubborn with a really big heart. Both a blessing and a curse.

Keep your head up and Stay Classy Assholes.


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