Who are you and why are you in my house?

I think some people just need to take a break from adulthood and go back to their mama’s house and get taught a few things over again. Because honestly, what the fuck is wrong with people. Why do they lack so much common sense.

Can we talk about “staying with a friend for a few days”

  •  First off it’s never “a few days.”
    If they start talking about having plans with you next week, that means they plan on still living with you next week. “a few days” easily transforms into 2 months.
  • The boyfriend will always be tagging along. He will also want to eat your food and drink your beer.
  • Fuck him. Don’t let him have shit.
  • “If the light bill goes up I’ll throw you some money”
  • You won’t ever see anything but their shit laying all over your house.
  • Is that my fucking shirt you’re wearing?
  • Are they seriously fucking in my house? Just don’t do it, it’s rude and I don’t wanna lay in bed at night listening to that shit.
  • No you can’t invite friends over to drink a few beers.
  • Well fuck. I guess I better start paying you rent now cause apparently you think this is your fucking house.


Get the fuck out. Now.

But stay classy you fucking assholes.


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