Twenty-sixes on my 96 Taurus.

Sundayyyyy Fundayyyyyy The Monday after superbowl Sunday is always the worst. Hangover from hell. I pregamed a little too hard while I was cooking. It’s my signature move. Show up shitfaced with wayyy too much food. But the food is always delicious and normally so am I. Drunk or not, I’m always a good time. […]

This Grinch needs a drink.

I officially got caught up in the Christmas crazy. The other night I found myself laying in the middle of the floor, covered in tape, wrapping paper, tangled in ribbon and crying. I was more stressed than a horse in a glue factory. Really I did this to myself. The holidays aren’t about buying the […]

“Calm down bitch. They aren’t cops, they are fucking parking garage security”

Holy shit. I had such an amazing weekend. Just me, my girl, a tent and the most breath taking view. We camped for two nights on Black mountain and woke up to this every morning. I felt like I could finally breath and relax for once. Friday night was spent drinking Pumpkin beer by the […]

Bartender, I really did it this time.

I like to drink. This is not a secret. With the responsibility of alcohol consumption comes countless stories of being irresponsible. Grab a beer and enjoy some of my alcohol induced adventures. College: I use to live in party central. Binge drinking and stuffing greasy food in your face at 2am. I don’t understand why […]