This Grinch needs a drink.

I officially got caught up in the Christmas crazy. The other night I found myself laying in the middle of the floor, covered in tape, wrapping paper, tangled in ribbon and crying. I was more stressed than a horse in a glue factory. Really I did this to myself. The holidays aren’t about buying the […]

Getting out of the funk.

I’ve been in this sad panda funk for way too long. Maybe its the lack of sun and the drop of temperature that was bringing me down. Yesterday I had a really tough day at work. I got my feelings hurt. I had been working on this project for a hot minute and someone literally came […]

If you threw yourself any harder, you’d win the world series.

Damn girl, slow your roll.  I am so caught up in the everyday chaos that I’m not stopping long enough to smell the roses. I think it’s actually making me physically ill. Lately I keep getting these dizzy spells. You know when you’re super drunk and you stumble into bed and as soon as you […]