Twenty-sixes on my 96 Taurus.

Sundayyyyy Fundayyyyyy The Monday after superbowl Sunday is always the worst. Hangover from hell. I pregamed a little too hard while I was cooking. It’s my signature move. Show up shitfaced with wayyy too much food. But the food is always delicious and normally so am I. Drunk or not, I’m always a good time. […]

Faster than a cheetah on crack

It’s like my life is a movie and I am sitting out in the theatre seats, munching on my popcorn and yelling “Jenn, what the fuck are you doing” over and over again at the screen. So what the fuck are you really doing Jenn? I have sat around and whined and bitched for the past 3 […]

This Grinch needs a drink.

I officially got caught up in the Christmas crazy. The other night I found myself laying in the middle of the floor, covered in tape, wrapping paper, tangled in ribbon and crying. I was more stressed than a horse in a glue factory. Really I did this to myself. The holidays aren’t about buying the […]

Cover your ears children, this post is brought to you by the letter D.

Don’t worry this post isn’t going all 50 shades of Grey. But let me tell you, Unicorns do exist. When I said I guess we will see where things go with this guy, I didn’t expect them to be floating around on Cloud 9. To protect the innocent in this post I’m going to refer […]